Dementia Care Services in houston tx

In the provided facility, we hold out home services where our professionally trained caregivers look after dementia patients and offer their friendly companionship and healthcare assistance. The certified caretakers of Light Heart Home offers dementia care Houston by following regular activities and ensuring their efficient assistance to patients

Compliant Attendants

Our competent staff includes compliant attendants who are well-trained and religiously follow the Dementia care plan, designed by our healthcare experts. The caregivers at our facility are obliged to use the person-centered approach set to fit the schedule with an open-to-opinion policy for family members. Catering to our benchmark factor, we allow the family members full authority to share their likes, dislikes, and all relevant information of patients that can help in building workable bonds and providing effective Dementia homecare in our facility. This is why when people search for the best Dementia care facilities near me, Light Heart Home pops up on the top of their search list.

Dementia Home Care in Houston TX

Our To-do list of Dementia Home Care

  • Our dementia home care providers work at optimum levels to reinforce and encourage patients.
  • We follow a meal-on-the-wheel strategy in our dementia care plan, where we ensure timely service and healthy nutritionist food to patients.
  • Professionals of Light Heart Home equally pay heed to hygiene factors offered in the dementia care services.
  • We ensure to provide a serene and healthy environment to the person in care.
  • When customers search, dementia care facilities near me, we aim to stand on the verge.

Services We Offer in Dementia Home Care

Streamlined Care

Professionals of Light Heart Home work at an optimum level to provide streamlined care. The Dementia care plans of our facility are always up-to-date with the latest information and technology. During the Pandemic crisis, we assure our customers to count on the SOPs and other cautionary factors, all the while customizing a foolproof plan for dementia home care assistance.

Our healthcare researchers are working on exploring different health maintenance strategies that work in the best interest of Dementia patients. Moreover, at Light Heart Home we facilitate individuals with a memory café – part of our Dementia care Houston – where different activities are organized for the patients to provide a lasting experience.

Dementia care plans in Houston TX

Companionship Care

We value our clients and believe in providing companionship rather than just a regulatory service, thus the caregivers in our dementia home care diligently work to protect the sentiments of patients by making service hours enjoyable and comfortable. Light Heart Home pledges to offer out-of-network care where it is not restricted to healthcare, to make dementia care Houston seamless. Our professionals go to an extra length in paying equal attention to mental health and relationship-building to help individuals rejuvenate their self-esteem and encourage them to socialize without any hesitation. Our aim is to make patients feel heard and valued by following a proper dementia care plan.

Maintained planners

Here at Light Heart Home, we do not jump on the bandwagon by letting caregivers provide random assistance. Instead, we follow proper dementia care plan strategies that include; relevant timings for each activity. Be it a meal, physical activity, or fun activity. Besides this, our planner for Dementia home care counts on the sleeping patterns and eating patterns of the patients. Likewise, we have a team of nutritionists that tailor an individual plan for each patient, according to their history and ensure to add a healthy menu in the dementia care plan. Light Heart Home makes sure that each step and action is being performed wisely and must lead to an effective outcome.

Health Experts

Our team consists of high-profile health experts that help in advising and training families on the ways to deal with Dementia patients. We understand that lack of knowledge can lay the groundwork for more challenges and difficulties on your way, thus to ensure that your loved ones are being treated in a safe environment, our health experts assist family members with effective Dementia care service strategies that help in building a good bond between patients and the family members. If you are facing issues in dealing with dementia patients and looking for an expert’s dementia care facilities help near your resident, then get in the loop with us!


We own the honor of providing the best dementia home care services in Texas, still, we make sure to stay light on our customer’s pocket as our services will not cost you an arm or leg. Our dementia care services plan is affordable and highly effective as we count on all major and minor factors that include health care advice, home care services, and planned schedules. If you have a dementia patient at home and looking for professional home assistance, then type ‘Dementia care facilities near me’ and drop us an email. With us, you do not have to go too heavy on your pockets.

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