Personal care services are provided to individuals in the comfort of their own homes assisting them with daily tasks like personal grooming, eating, medications, reminders, and even mobility – which they are unable to do by themselves. Our personal care assistant will look after your basic and crucial needs that if ignored, can compromise your daily functioning.

The personal assistance services provided by the caregiver includes:

  • Reminding you of daily medication
  • Helping with meal preparation and meal planning in our personal assistance services.
  • Supporting with personal grooming activities like bathing, dressing, toileting
  • Taking care of personal and oral hygiene in offered personal care assistant
  • Offering a helping hand with walking and mobility assistance
  • Reminding of other useful things that are often neglected due to Alzheimer’s disease
  • Keeping everything in check with the rest the family members

Individuals who do not want to spend their life depending on the assistance of nursing homes or other facility centers are eligible for Personal assistance services. In our personal assistance services we focus on home safety as well along with taking care of your basic needs. Most often, personal care services are provided to seniors, disabled individuals, recovering patients or those suffering from chronic health conditions.

The personal care assistant, in this case, will offer a service that is not medical in nature. They will help the person-in-care with their medical needs by working alongside their doctors and family members to evaluate the best possible outcomes beneficial to your loved ones. 

Light Heart Care is one of the best personal care agencies that aim to help elders, who cannot manage to supervise themselves, prefer to receive care in the supervision of their homes and family members. Our personal care services aim to offer them a helping hand in managing menial tasks that allow them to live a safe, healthy and long life. Take our personal care assistants in loop and get all your problems dealt professionally.


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Light Heart Home Care is always looking for qualified individuals and caregivers to fill positions at our global headquarters, in our independently owned and operated offices, and in our clients’ homes. We hope you’ll find a career that is right for you.